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What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened tea drink commonly consumed for its health benefits. At Cathy's Kombucha, we hand blend a mixture of black, green, and rooibos tea's, in combination with dried fruits and spices to get our signature flavours our customers love!

Kombucha has been around for nearly 2,000 years. It was first brewed in China and then spread to Japan and Russia.

What are the benefits?

Kombucha is loaded with probiotics and antioxidants!

These probiotics can help aid in digestion by stabilizing your guy biome, boost your immune system, regulate blood sugar, increase energy levels and alertness etc. 

It is known as the "elixir of life" due to it's many health benefits.

How much should I drink?

Every individual is different!

Cathy's Kombucha is raw, unpasteurized, and not mixed with any juices so each sip is packed with billions of probiotics! We recommend our customers start with 4-6 oz. per day and work up from there. If you experience any cramping reduce your input.

How long does it last?

Our raw, unpasteurized kombucha has a shelf life of 6 months, and is good for 30 days in the refrigerator once open!

Because our kombucha is raw and unpasteurized, it will continue to ferment in the bottle increasing carbonation levels and decreasing sugars.

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