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Nancy's Story
This is life-changing!

While visiting friends in Waterloo, we went to the St. Jacob's Market. I am very weak and tired. Have suffered from chronic nausea, tremors, spasms, eye issues. All the problems that accompany MS. And four major surgeries for poor circulation. The nausea is so debilitating that I've been given medication that is reserved for those who must endure chemotherapy. I was never expected to live this long. But I've been blessed with an amazing husband, six children and seven grandchildren. I just opened my 5th bottle of Cathy's Kombucha. To be free of the nausea is truly a gift. It's the first thing I consume when I wake up. I can eat again without pain. This is life-changing.  I have about 3 ounces three times a day.  If not, I'm sick again. When my friends come to Windsor, they bring me two bottles. They leave for vacation soon. Is there some place closer than Waterloo that I can obtain this from? I never dreamed when I first bought it that this could happen. Thank you for this product. 

God Bless, 


Sam's Story
Could this really be true?

I was at the St. Jacob's Farmer's Market yesterday where I bought of bottle of your Raspberry Kombucha.  You probably don't remember me amongst the hundreds thousands of people that passed by your booth, but I mentioned that "I'm not much of a drinker."  The major reason I don't drink is that I have been experiencing frequent episodes of anxiety for the past five years now, and drinking alcohol seems to exacerbate my anxiety.  I've tried many things to cope with my anxiety, including speaking to a counsellor, daily anxiety medication (which I am no longer taking), yoga, meditation, sports/physical activity, music and art as forms of therapy, and journaling.  While many of these strategies (in combination) help me cope with my anxiety, I haven't quite achieved the relief I have been hoping for.  Where am I going with all of this, you ask?  Well, yesterday after my evening yoga practice, my boyfriend and I sat down with a few candles lit and poured ourselves a drink; he had red wine, I had the Kombucha I bought from you earlier in the day.  I was skeptical at first, recalling all of the benefits you mentioned earlier in the day (GI benefits, relaxation, that "warm-fuzzy" feeling.., etc.) -- "Could this really be true?", I thought.  Next thing you know, I've drunk half of my glass, and I feel this overpowering sense of tranquility.  My body and my mind were at peace.  This is the most relaxed I've felt in a long time, and I loved every minute of it.  Even now, just thinking about it, I am overcome with positive emotions.  I guess what I'm saying is thank you.  Thanks for giving me the power to experience the peacefulness I've been longing for.

Thank you for your Kombucha.  

Sunny days,