Cathy's Kombucha
Kombucha Monastery Tree Monastery - Quebec Region

Our Story

I am often asked about our story and how I got started with Cathy's Kombucha. Simply; it grew out of my great love and respect for my Dad and his struggle with bladder cancer. My Dad was the first man that I ever knew and loved, and one that I have loved the longest.

On June 17, 2011, I was told to make sure my Dad had "everything in order" because he only had months to live; DEFINITELY NOT years. The Doctors had done all they could. Having been raised with faith, I went to ask for prayers from a specific priest connected with a Monastery in the Quebec region. While waiting, Sister gave me this very unique, unflavoured drink. Initially not quite a fan of the taste, I asked what it was. Sister replied that it was "Kombucha" and that "it was good for everything." I laughed and said she couldn't say "everything" because she was a nun! Sister replied that it was supposed to be good for cancer and..... etc.(I tuned out after I heard "cancer"). Feeling God had answered my prayers, I begged for the recipe and to be shown how to make it. Sister graciously shared all she knew about this ancient, naturally effervescent beverage. With faith that there was some merit to centuries of anecdotal reports and recent research in Germany and Russia, my journey began with the goal of making the best tasting, flavourful Kombucha for my Dad. Why? Because if it tasted good, he would drink it! If he drank it, maybe it would help him!

Did the Kombucha help my Dad? How will I ever know for sure? My Dad did drink Kombucha daily, but there were also lots of prayers, hope, and love: which I am convinced are influential factors. I know he was given months; he got years. (My Dad passed peacefully at home with a sharp mind and no pain medication, on May 18, 2014.) I know the bladder was mush, and his cancer was supposed to spread; it didn't. I know he acquired steroid induced Diabetes after an emergency operation in the hospital and needed insulin shots daily. I know less than a week back on Kombucha he didn't need insulin shots anymore. I know things "worked better" when he drank it. I know it relaxed him. I know it was often his "food." I know my Dad felt it helped. I feel it did.

Our passion continues to be sparked by your stories and loyalty. We believe if it's not something that would have been good enough for my Dad, it's not good enough for you! We will not compromise on the quantity or quality of ingredients used in our artisanal, handcrafted product. My husband, Brian, and I thank you for supporting our small, family business. We also thank our four children (Jacqueline, Bradyn, Jessica, Amanda), who remain involved however and whenever they can, despite the sacrifices they have had to make as this unwittingly blossomed into a business because of the wonderful word of mouth referrals.

May you continue to enjoy our Premium Artisan blends of Kombucha as much as we do, and may you continue to be blessed with health, laughter and love on your journey.

- Cathy